Global group travel specialists leverage ITB China to expand footprint

Jessie Sin, Director of Hong Kong Office is at ITB China to take advantage of the show’s exceptional networking capabilities. We asked her what’s new at…

Customers can now build, customise and manage a free event registration page complete with hotel information, all the cool things they have planned for the trip, and an integrated hotel booking option that offers instant group rates and discounted group deals. Customers can send the page to their friends or network through WhatsApp and Facebook to see who is interested in joining, and can secure additional group travel deals once they have a confirmed number of travellers.

How are you seeing the outbound group booking market in China evolving?

Outbound travel from China is as strong as ever despite trade talks and other geopolitical tensions. While group travel remains strong, we’re seeing a sharp rise in independent travel as the Chinese have become more mature and savvy travellers and the country rise in wealth has led to a demand for more customized travel experiences. While the US is comparable in size to Europe, many travellers view the US as one country therefore eliminating the need for group support. China’s group travel to Europe, on the other hand, has remained more consistent since it is more complicated to navigate multiple countries and cultures.

What kind of thing are you looking for at ITB China?

At ITB China, we hope to learn as much as we can about China’s tourism industry and the trends affecting its market. As the leading online seller of group hotel bookings and individual hotel stays worldwide, we want to educate ourselves and others on how we can make the most beneficial aspects of group travel accessible to individuals looking for bespoke experiences. Additionally, we’ve recently expanded our footprint in Asia with the opening of our new Singapore office, so this year in particular, we want to meet as many people and learn as many things as we can about the Chinese travel market and culture at large.

Photo: Jessie Sin, Director of Hong Kong Office