Culture Counts: CTS calls for expansion of offering

While Chinese travellers are known to like food, art exploration, architecture, music, and of course shopping, China’s CTS Travel says it is time companies focusing on cultural travel expand their offerings for Chinese travellers.

CTS is one of the largest state-owned travel agencies in China, with presence in all cities in the country as well as 15 countries across the world.
“Travel is dominated by culture”, says Chen Zhuo, General Manager of Europe Division & Cultural Travel Division at CTS Shanghai. “In the future, Chinese and even global travellers will prefer more informative trips.”
Schedules and itineraries, says Mr Chen, need to be increasingly customised depending on the specific interests of the Chinese visitors. The use of technology can also add real value.
Mr Chen says artificial intelligence technology is helping people interact with others in a simple manner, as, thanks to live translation devices, Chinese travellers can ask a question in Chinese, and have it directly translated to English… and vice versa. This trend of facilitating instructions in Chinese and the presence of Chinese-speaking guides, along with apt use of online tools is making a trip more enjoyable.

“Translation gadgets, videos and virtual reality will all work well,” said Mr Chen, who added that CTS’s strength lies in offering a combination of cultural content and outstanding guides.

Photo: Chen Zhuo General Manager of Europe Division & Cultural Travel Division, CTS Shanghai