GZL calls for more segmentation in sports travel offering

Sports travel products should be further segmented, given the needs of tourists, rather than simply being classified as “watching” and “doing/ playing”.

That was the contention of Zhao Wenzhi, Executive Vice President of GZL International Travel Service, speaking with the Travel Trends Report (TTR).

Guangzhou GZL International Travel Service Ltd is the only diversified travel agency in China that has won “China User Satisfaction Tripod”, the highest honour of quality management in China’s tourism industry.

Wenzhi says that while for many in the industry, there is a clear- cut difference between the watchers and doers, it’s not that simple. Some travellers, he says, may want to watch snow events while they also enjoy local skiing experience. For these kinds of enthusiasts, he says there are not many products available on the market.

Wenzhi says the term “sports travel” refers to the combination of various activities of recreation – both physical and psychological, fitness, competition, adventure, rehabilitation, healthcare, sports watching and sports and cultural exchange, and the interactions between travellers and destinations, travel service providers, sports enterprises and local communities.

He predicts sports travel packages will evolve into a-la- carte menus with a variety of options, so that the tourist can exibly pick-up the options that meet their needs. For those who have more experience in travel, the packages with sports ticketing and accommodation will satisfy their needs for international transportation, local transportation, local excursions, local food experience and other local scenarios. But the significance of personalization and service should not be overlooked.

“For tourists, no matter what kind of itinerary, travel products that can provide personalised and high-quality services will always be favoured. Therefore, regardless of the sales approaches, travel agencies should focus on premium services and meet the demands of travellers. The awareness of Chinese tourists is increasing day by day, and they will surely take a broader step and participate in the market. The concept of AR (augmented reality) can be used as part of the process to improve the travel experience, providing travellers with hi-tech perceptions,” concludes Wenzhi.

Photo: Zhao Wenzhi, Executive Vice President, GZL International Travel Service