Sports travel emerges as a new hotspot of tourism and consumption

Several key factors, be they family tours, experiential consumption or favorable national policies, are supporting the growth of sports travel in China.

Different travel specialists have different perspectives around sports travel, but one point where all converge is the fact that such trips are growing in number for Chinese holiday-makers.

Founded in 1993, Caissa Travel focuses on the core business of tourism and rapidly expands in the global market, creating a unique business model covering the whole industry chain, which integrates channels, products, destination resources and operations. It has set up its o ces in 7 major offshore cities, including Hamburg, Paris, London and Los Angeles, completed by its options in nearly 50 coastal and core commercial cities in China. It has introduced more than 20,000 high-end travel products serving more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Targeting at three key segments of governments, enterprises and individuals, Caissa has developed the products of high-end group tours, customized private tours, MICE and inbound tours, and has also explore the businesses of cruise, vacation, sports, hiking, healthcare, research, study and polar tours. Caissa has been authorized as the exclusive ticketing agent for the Chinese Olympic Committee in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and will serve the Olympics family for the fth time.
Chen Xiaobing, Founder of Caissa China and President of Caissa Travel points out that sports travel is an important platform for cultural exchange: “We believe that sports travel is an interdisciplinary blend of “tourism + sports” and is a typical example of experiential consumption.”

In Caissa’s portfolio, both sports travel and outdoor tourism are key segments. In addition to sports watching tours, the company also offers doing/ playing products such as marathon, skiing, cycling and hiking. “In either category, it features repeated consumption and generates revenue. It has gradually attracted the attention of middle- and high-income families,” said Chen.

Sports travel in China is still in the primary stage with high barriers. Although many companies are interested in this segment, only a few of them can really take the time and efforts to target this business. It takes time to gain the requisite experience in sports travel, market awareness, channels, teams, resources and consumers.

Photo: Chen Xiaobing, Founder of Caissa China and President of Caissa Travel